4. Nina's Grave

Nina's grave, Wheatridge, Colorado

Dear Nina - searched for your grave for years - without luck. Then out of the blue, I found it on a website. To celebrate the surprise discovery I arranged this little memorial with a few of your Ellendale photographs. You're in Wheatridge, a couple of miles from the antiques store where I found your family album in 1993. Your husband Frederick and daughter Jean are with you. I've spent hours there. It's where I go to connect. The feeling is vague however. My confidence comes and goes. There's no path to follow. I'm making it all up based on the premise (promise) that you're guiding me. After the first Visual Storytelling Workshop meeting I faltered. Fellow students seemed more confident about their photography and project objectives than I am. Guilt about my project being self-indulgent infiltrated. However, right after the class meeting I discovered the location of your grave. You delivered a sign, as if to reassure me. 


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